City’s Best Tumblr Update

Hi all - just a quick update, we’ll be updating our Tumblr at and not this one. Had to make the change to allow everyone on the City’s Best team to update.



City’s Best Hiring Freelancers Around The Country

Outgoing, city lovers need apply! If you want to be part of the City’s Best effort in your city, let us know.

We’re looking for Internet-savvy individuals with solid writing skills to visit businesses in cities across the country. You’ll interview managers, collect information and write short descriptions of each location.

For more information on the position, click here.

Posted by Clare

Looking for a few great developers

We’re growing the development team at City’s Best and looking for a great Sr. Software Engineer and Front-end Engineer. Come join the small team and startup environment to develop an exciting new vision for the local web. We’re focused on creating an extremely social and engaging experience for both users and business owners.

Ninjas need not apply

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City’s Best Hiring Editors in Miami, Dallas, Chicago, NYC & LA

Talented wordsmiths with a passion for city life and living in Miami, Dallas, Chicago, NYC or LA, we’re looking for you.

If you want to join us in our search for the very best in dining, nightlife, entertainment, shopping and more, be sure to send us your resume and cover letter.

For more details on the job, visit our Jobs page. And to apply for the Regional Editor position, please send your resume, salary requirements and a brief cover letter telling us in which city you’d like to work to:

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City’s Best Is Hiring Again

In our continued search for the very best in cities around the country, we’re looking for talented editors to join our team.

We’ll be hiring editors in New York City, Dallas, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles to help us narrow down the very best in dining, nightlife, entertainment, shopping and much more.

If you are passionate about local lifestyle and culture and have editorial experience, we want you to come on board with the City’s Best editorial team.

For more information on the opportunities with City’s Best and how to apply, check out the City’s Best job board.

Posted by Clare

Join Our Quest For The Best

We’re looking for the top places in dining, nightlife, shopping and entertainment and you might be able to help us get a clear look at these places.

You can help us get a peek at the very best places to eat, drink, shop and be merry in cities across the country. Join the City’s Best Flickr pool and share pics of your favorites.

All you have to do is visit us on Flickr. Make sure you read up on how the pool works. But don’t be shy — add your stuff to the pool. Show us what’s great in your neck of the woods and share it with the rest of the City’s Best community, too.

Join in on the fun and we may even use one of your photos on the upcoming City’s Best.

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City’s Best Is Hiring Cool Geeks

Want to be part of the City’s Best team? Well, we’re hiring. Right now we’re looking for a few good people to join us in the quest for the best.

Do you have experience and a passion for working with Web applications? You may be just the people we need. Two software engineer opportunities are now open on our staff and we’re also seeking someone who can act as a product manager.

We’re hoping to find a talented person with Ruby on Rails experience and the drive to make a great Web application to fill a Senior Software Engineer spot. In addition, we have another Software Engineer position open that also requires Rails experience and a passion for Web standards.

In addition, we’d love to have someone come on board and take responsibility for a great user experience on City’s Best as the technical product manager.

If you’re interested, please let us know by applying for a position through our careers Website. We can’t wait to hear from you.

For a little more info, Click here and get the details.

Posted by Clare

City’s Best Strategy on CNBC

Pretty cool interview with our CEO Tim Armstrong on CNBC wherein he discusses our local strategy including City’s Best, Patch and the new $10 million local venture fund.

Posted by Fletch

Here We Go

Today, we’re announcing our new City’s Best. In fact, you can read part of the press release below that touches on AOL’s local strategy which includes our sister network, Patch.

City’s Best is where experts and neighbors come together to find and share the best their city has to offer. Chances are you’ve probably seen one of our stickers in the windows of restaurants, bars and clubs. Our editors pick the best places and then you vote on your favorite. Pretty simple, but effective concept, yes?

This year, we’re rebuilding City’s Best to make it even better. This Tumblr will give you insight into what we’re doing and how we’re doing it - from redesigns to staffing and almost anything we can legally talk about in between.

Your tour guides at the beginning of this journey are Fletch who runs City’s Best and Clare, the managing editor. We say, at the beginning, because as we bring more people on to help reach our goals, they will be joining the conversation.

Here we go!

Press Release Excerpt:

AOL’s 2010 plan to digitize towns across America includes an aggressive expansion of Patch, the growing hyper-local news and information platform already available in nearly 40 communities. The company also intends to relaunch its City’s Best properties in 25 cities later this year and add high-quality, city-specific content to its “best of” entertainment options for each of these metro audiences.

Expanding to Major Metro Areas with AOL’s City’s Best

AOL’s City’s Best guide features the best entertainment options that each city has to offer – everything from Best Burgers and Best Pizza to Best Dance Clubs and Best Happy Hour. AOL intends to relaunch and revitalize the City’s Best service in 25 major metro markets in the third quarter of 2010. City’s Best will utilize AOL’s scaled content systems to create high-quality, relevant content for the cities it covers, in addition to leveraging local resources to provide comprehensive, structured, high-quality listings and information.